The Jatibonicu' Elders Caney Longhouse


Statement By Taino Elders Caney Longhouse On Taino Sacred Objects

"Be advised of our Tribal Laws & beliefs. At no time should any traditional sacred religious objects be sold by our Taino people. The following should not be sold: The sacred stone Cemi, The 3 Pointed Stone Totem or the Stone Yuke, Stone Ceremonial Belt or The Dujo, Wooden Ceremonial Chair or the Aguabiron, Wooden Ceremonial Dog Mask or the Amaraca, the Two Black Wooden Ceremonial Rattles or any other sacred Taino objects. An exception has been made for the Sacred Mayohuacan Wooden Drum, this can be pass on to the Drum Keepers of a recognized Tribal Longhouse Drum Circle."

"We have our traditional Taino Native American religious faith. We will always respect our beliefs, that were handed down to us by our ancestors in their traditional way of life. We traditionalists still follow in their sacred foot steps." Arocoel Ciba Guanikeyu, Principal Elder of, Southern Jersey Taino Band of Jatibonicu' (NJ) And the Jatibonicu' Taino Tribe of Boriken (PR)

Statement By The Taino Elders On The Exploitation of Our Taino Religious Beliefs

For a complete listing of sacred Taino ceremonial objects please contact, The United States Regional Tribal Affairs office of the Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation and it's Taino Tribal Council, at 703 South Eight Street Vineland, New Jersey 08360 or Phone: 856-690-1565

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